Cydel in a video from Locked Up In Chastity

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Stunning Cydel has a great plan for her horny slave. She will put his boner in a chastity since she does not want him having random erections every time he sees a hot girl.
Today is a special day because you and I are going to have a lot of fun. Well, maybe not you, but I surely will since I think it is time to put you in a cage 'cause that is where you belong. You are like a like a wild animal and enough is enough.
So you are going to drop your pants and I am going to put this device around your flaccid excuse for a dick. You will not be allowed to get hard and once I put this lock on you will need to beg for my mercy. I think this is a good look for you. Maybe I should keep you in a cage more often. This cock is mine and it will get stiff when I want it to. I cannot believe you let me put you in a cage. You are going to sit in there for all eternity and will never be able to get hard again.
- Cydel


Leyla from LockedUpInChastity

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Sexy mistress Leyla Beryl has so many things to do so she needs to make sure that her slave will behave. The only way she can be sure of that is if she locks up that dong in a chastity device.
I just locked you into your cock cage since I have some errands to run and I want to be sure that you will not do anything naughty while I am gone. I hope you like being under my lock and key because I am not quite sure yet what is going to take you to earn your freedom. I know it is not going to be easy so you better get used to that cold metal device tied around your dick. I bet it is super heavy but that is the point.
You don't want to admit it but I know you are enjoying this game since you love being under my explicit control and you are willing to do anything I ask. You are not even enough of a man to own your own balls and your little cock is all mine. I got you this pretty little house so get on your knees and crawl into it. Not only are your prick and nuts in care, but you are too.
- Leyla Beryl


Chastity device fetish video witih Penny Barber

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Penny Barber has a great plan for her horny lover. Since she is not in the mood for sex this hot bruntte wants to give out some kinky jerking off instructions to her partner.
It is very cute that you want to fuck buy I just woke up and I am not up for it. I am not even going to give you a handjob although you need it so much. Maybe you should jerk off in front of me. Don't feel uncomfortable about it. I will tell you what to do.
Start by lying on your back and spreading your legs so your cock is pointing straight at the ceiling. Make it super hard. Let me help you with that by showing you my nice tits. Stroke you cock gently from the base right until the tip of its head. Play with your boner until you get really excited. I bet it feels really good. Build yourself up to an orgasm, go faster and faster. Do it harder and harder. I know you are about to cum but could you get me some coffee and a breakfast, please?
- Penny Barber


Busty brünette Selena in a chastity video

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Mistress Selena had enough of her disobedient slave so she decided to put his cock in a cage. This is going to teach a guy a lesson and make sure he follows the brunette's orders.
It has come to my attention that you haven't been doing your chores properly. I mean, you are lazy, you don't dust right so I will have to take away one of your privileges. And that is jerking off so it is time to go back into your little cage. Until you meet my standards, you will remain in this chastity. The other things that I am going to take away from you are the porn channels. Basically, you won't need them since you will not be able to blow your load every morning.
There is not going to be anything that resembles sex in this household, except, of course, me. But knowing that you are forbidden to do anything related to sex and masturbation will make you want to do it even more. So, this lazy strike of yours is going to end because you will finally start being useful. You will not be able to leave the house until everything is spotless.
- Mistress Selena


Chastity fetish video clip with Miss Tiffany

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Miss Tiffany had enough of her man wanting to hump her during romantic date nights so she decided to lock up her lover's dick in a red chastity. The petite chick wants to tease her guy as he is wearing the kinky device.
You like that I am all dressed up for our date night? I even put on your favorite black dress. This should be a fun evening, right? But before we leave for dinner, I want to make sure I have a good time as well because I hate when you have a bit too much to drink and you just want to hump me. So, I was thinking that maybe I should lock you up for the night since I don't want to worry about your penis coming anywhere near me.
I may even play footsies under the table during dinner. Can you imagine how it would feel if your cock starts getting hard while it is in this cage? It will become a bit uncomfortable, that is for sure. But let's put this thing on and I think we should leave the keys at home because tonight your prick is going to be all locked up.
- Miss Tiffany


Hot brunette Slow Mercy

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Snow Mercy is a nasty mistress who needs to lock up her slave's penis because nothing else is working. The mature brunette wants to show to a guy that she is in control of his prick.
Don't try to pretend that you don't know what this is for. This device is made to lock up your cock because I do not trust you. Plus, I don't think you deserve to have any kind of sexual gratification unless it is under my rules. That is why I am going to put this chastity on you and I am going to be the only one who has the key.
There is only one key and I hope I don't lose it because if I do, you are in big trouble. It would be really embarrassing if you needed to explain why you have this on. What are you going to do, go to a doctor and have it removed? Once you are in this cock cage you can come over and clean my place while I tease you with my nice boobs. You will be begging me to have an orgasm, but I just don't care since this is what you deserve.
- Snow Mercy


Hannah Perez from Locked Up In Chastity

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There is nothing better than being teased by adoring Hannah Perez who knows exactly what her slave wants from her. This stunning mistress locks up her fellow's prick and has fun teasing it.
What do we have here? It looks like a cage for a dick and I think you want to wear it. I think that I should lock up your prick and hold on to the keys for as long as I want to. All you have to do is slip it in and lock it up. I can see that is what you want because you enjoy a good tease. You don't want to know how good it feels to jerk off your dong anytime you want but with me in control, you are never going to be able to jerk this member now.
I got the keys and there is no other way to get this thing off. So, every time you see a hot girl or think of me and impulsively decide you want to rub one out it is not going to happen. You will not be able to touch your penis and you will be in trouble every time you think of a good-looking woman.
- Hannah Perez


Sexy brünette from Locked Up In Chastity

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Sexy brunette Luna Vera wants to make her fantasy come true by locking her slave in a cock cage and make him watch her get drilled well. Luna is happy to show off her power by putting a plastic device around a man's prick.
Look just what came in the mail! This is for that tiny prick of yours that you never use. Since you can never satisfy me I am going to put your dick in this little cage and I am going to have some fun. You are not going to be able to get hard and you will just sit there and watch me get fucked. It is going to drive you insane.
You just need to accept this since I am in control and I am going to get what I want. Maybe if you are really good and don't start begging to come out, I will let you worship my feet and lick my pussy. But until I know you are truly eager to do your job, I am not going to let you out of this cage. You are stuck in it until I say so. It does not look very comfortable, but that is okay because it is not supposed to be.
- Luna Vera


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