Naked mistress Gia Steele from Locked Up In Chastity

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Gia Steele is a petite tease who likes making her slave's prick stiff as it is locked up in a chastity device. This hot brunette goddess knows all the right moves to arouse her fortunate hunk who at least gets to look at those perky tits.
Now that you are locked in your new toy make sure not to get too hard since this is all the room you have. Don't get too excited because you will start busting at the seams. I hope you like being teased while your cock is all locked up. Imagine my tongue touching the head of your prick through this tiny hole. I bet that is exciting you very much.
Your dick can barely feel my fingers throughout these small gaps. I can see that your penis is getting harder and harder. You better cut it out before you hurt yourself, slave! I am not done teasing you yet because I am going to come over there, sit on you and start caressing your cock in a cage with my petite warm pussy. Your member is locked up but your balls aren't so grab them and squeeze them for me.
- Gia Steele


Austin and Gia from Locked Up In Chastity

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Austin and Gia are a couple of naughty brunette mistresses who just adore teasing their slave as he is locked up. These alluring ladies know how to make a randy fellow want their gorgeous tight bodies.
Well, we have a petite device for your little dick. Hope you are ready to be locked up in this chastity. We are going to tease you while you have this plastic apparatus around your cock. I bet you would love it if we rubbed that boner between our amazing breasts or even blow on it. It would make your super stiff but, unfortunately, that is not an option because your chastity is enabling you to do so.
We are going to throw away the key and you will be stuck in this device forever. There is nothing you would enjoy more than to have an erection while watching our stunning bodies but there is no way out for slaves like you. Your prick is stuck in this chastity forever because it is what we want. It is a real enjoyment teasing you and seeing you trying to get stiff while locked up.
- Austin Lynn and Gia Steele


Locked up in chastity video clip

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Cute mistress Amai wants to teach a lesson to her nasty slave who has been playing with his boner a bit too much. This adoring brunette in pink lingerie has a master plan which involves a heavy chastity device.
Somebody has been spending a bit much time in front of his computer and jerking off. So what can we do to remedy this situation? This chastity is my solution to the chronic masturbator in you. I need to lock up your penis and keep the key. Imagine trying to jerk off while wearing this heavy device. I know you will attempt playing with yourself since you cannot go from masturbating every day to just quitting.
I can just see you trying to rub your dong while precum is leaking out of it. If you turn out to be a good boy, maybe I will give you a little tease with my tongue, but the bottom line is this is where you need to be. The only way your brain is going to work right is if your member is locked up. Maybe then you will be able to do something productive.
- Amai Lui


Dominant woman Samantha Grace in a chastity fetish video

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Samantha Grace found some masturbation evidence in the bathroom so she wants to make sure that her slave is behaving. She will do that by locking his prick in a dick cage.
Come in here I can see you spying! What are you doing standing up? Get on your hands and knees. You know better than to be standing up! I also found some tissues in the bathroom last night. I can sense that you have been jerking off without permission, you bad boy. You shouldn't have done that since you know I control your cock and for that you get to wear this chastity piece. It is for your dong and balls so you don't touch yourself any longer.
I might even plug your ass as well because I can see you playing with it as well. But this is a priority now, putting your love tool in a cage. You are going to be restrained so you cannot be naughty any longer. I just might tease you by blowing on your boner or rub it all over my body. I will feel something but you are not going to feel anything.
- Samantha Grace


Stunning blonde playing with a chastity device

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Gorgeous Summer Day wants to put her slave's cock in a plastic dick cage and tease him endlessly. Summer Day is a naughty chick who loves watching her man being locked up until she finds it appropriate to let him out. If she ever does.
It is time for you to be locked up in chastity and I am going to throw away the key. You are not going to be able to do anything about this situation. It is going to be really uncomfortable for you while I touch myself and you cannot get hard in that plastic prison around your boner.
I don't care much about your problem since I want you in this chastity and you are never getting the keys. I think I am going to take you to a strip club while you are locked up so you can have hot naked girls rubbing all over you. That is going to make you feel really ill at ease. Oh, I am so going to be enjoying it. There is nothing more exciting than watching you squirm while your dick is pulsating in that cock cage. This is what you deserve, a lifelong chastity experience.
- Summer Day


Hot dark-haired girl Raven Rae from Locked Up in

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Raven Rae is a hot brunette who loves putting her slave in a chastity and teasing him with her amazing body. The gorgeous mistress loves being in charge of a fellow's orgasm.
We are going to have some fun but first let's place this device on your cock because I don't want you getting stiff until I say so. Strap on this dick cage and put your balls through this hole. This is going to be your best friend from now on. You will not be able to get hard no matter what. I am going to throw away the key which is the only way out of your plastic prison.
It does not matter what you see or what you hear, you will not be able to get an erection from now on. I might even take you down to the beach and introduce you to all of those hot girls but all you will feel is pain in that chastity device. You are not going to be allowed to touch yourself and I am going to control your boner since it is all mine now!
- Raven Rae


Cydel in a video from Locked Up In Chastity

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Stunning Cydel has a great plan for her horny slave. She will put his boner in a chastity since she does not want him having random erections every time he sees a hot girl.
Today is a special day because you and I are going to have a lot of fun. Well, maybe not you, but I surely will since I think it is time to put you in a cage 'cause that is where you belong. You are like a like a wild animal and enough is enough.
So you are going to drop your pants and I am going to put this device around your flaccid excuse for a dick. You will not be allowed to get hard and once I put this lock on you will need to beg for my mercy. I think this is a good look for you. Maybe I should keep you in a cage more often. This cock is mine and it will get stiff when I want it to. I cannot believe you let me put you in a cage. You are going to sit in there for all eternity and will never be able to get hard again.
- Cydel


Dominant blonde with Tattoos in a chastity fetish video clip

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Gorgeous mistress Olivia Rose wants to make a fellow's fantasy real by locking his boner in a kinky device. This hot blonde in red lingerie will make her slave do anything for her.
You want to be my personal slave and let me control every orgasm you have. Well, there is one condition and that is wearing this chastity device to make sure that you don't even get hard. I bet you love the thought of me being in charge of every ejaculation you have. I can sense it is turning you on. I will get to decide when and how you will be able to blow your load. That will be the ultimate submission from your side. How exciting.
I wonder if you can match my record. The longest I had a guy in a cock cage is three months. Do you think you are up for that? But since you want to be my perfect slave I bet you will handle this mission. Now lock that dick for me and send me the keys so I know that you will not try anything fishy during your chastity period.
- Olivia Rose


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