Samantha Grace Chastity Femdom Humiliation

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Samantha Grace is a kinky big tittied brunette babe who always gets her way. You can try to resist this busty fetish babe Samantha Grace, but she’s the kind of girl who knows exactly how to make you regret it.
You know what I should do? I should just lock you up in the biggest strongest chastity device I can find and throw away the key. How does that sound? You’ll never be able to use your cock and balls ever again for as long as you live. If you don’t do exactly as I say you are going to find out what it’s like to live a life of celibacy.
I’m the one in control here and I decide when and where you can have a boner. From now on you are going to have to be locked up whenever you leave the house. I can’t have you going around and getting some strange on the side. That would be very bad for you. This way I can trust you and if you are good I will let you out every once in a while at home.
- Samantha Grace


Chloe Skyy Handjob Locked Up Chastity

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Chloe is a sadistic mistress who knows exactly how to break a man down and drive him wild. If you can take the heat this dark brunette fetish babe Chloe will have you down on your knees begging for more.
Haha, no matter how many times I look at you all locked up in your chastity device it still makes me laugh. You look so pathetic with your cock and balls all locked up nice and tight in your old friend the CB 6000. I bet you wish I would finally let you out of your prison don’t you? That’s too bad, because that’s not going to happen any time soon.
How long has it been since I first locked you up in the chastity device. It’s been so long that I can’t even remember the last time I let you take it out. You probably have the worst case of blue balls of all time right now. I’m sure it’s not helping that I am teasing your dick on the outside of your chastity device. You are just going to have to man up and wait it out, because when I finally unlock you, you are going to cum like never before.
- Chloe Skyy


Alexis Grace Chastity Orgasm Denial Humiliation

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Alexis Grace is a merciless mistress who loves locking guys up in chastity devices and them tormenting them with her hot body. If you want out of your chastity device, this wild fetish babe is going to make you earn it.
You can beg and plead all you want but I am still not going to let you out of your chastity device. In fact, I think you need to be punished even further for even asking me to take it off. Take off your pants and lay on your back, I am going to show you some of what you are never going to get.
Just look at my sweet, shaved pussy. I bet you wish you could fuck the hell out of me right now if only you weren’t all locked up in your cock cage. Just imagine how good it would feel having my soft warm feet running up and down your dick. Uh oh, you have better stop getting a hard on or things are going to start getting very uncomfortable for you.
- Alexis Grace


Princess Anna Twisted Females Chastity

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Princess Anna is a beautiful brunette babe who gets off on having all the power in her relationships. Don’t you dare cross this smoking hot fetish babe Princess Anna or she will punish you in a thousand different ways.
I told you that if I ever caught you looking at porn in the office again, there would be some serious consequences. As your boss I am going to give you two options. One: you can pack up your shit and get out of here; you’re fired. Or you can put on this chastity device so I can know without a doubt that you aren’t jacking off on company time.
You made the right choice, and wearing a chastity device isn’t that bad. *CLICK*. Just kidding! Wearing a chastity device is going to be fucking torture and now I am the only one who holds the key that can unlock you. If you thought your job was shitty before, you are going to wish you had just walked out the door when I am finished with you.
-Princess Anna


Jasmine Mendez and Samantha Grace playing with a chastity device

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Jasmine Mendez and Samantha Grace are interested in how you will react to their chastity requests. See, they don’t want you have to have any control over your cock, and the easiest way to achieve that is to lock it up with a chastity device.
You chastity nightmare has just started, and we are totally in control of what happens now. You know the best thing about chastity devices? They come with two keys, so if I lose mine, we can still get you out with yours. Luckily, us two ladies can have one each, so you have absolutely no chance of getting your cock free.
Aw, look at how submissive you are. You are just the best slave, aren’t you? Those balls are going to be begging to be released. We both love men in chastity, because that way, we know that when you go home, you aren’t just jerking off like the slave you are. This way, we can ensure that your cock is only available for release when we want it to be.
- Jasmine Mendez & Samantha Grace


Enchantress Sahrye in a chastity teasing video

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Enchantress Sahrye lives to be satisfied, and when your cock is well and truly clamped in her chastity device, she will be happy. Now pull down your pants and get ready for your tiny dick to be contained.
I love knowing that when I leave to go out with my friends, you will be accounted for. Your cock may wander into the wrong hands – especially your own, because we both know that you go home every night after spending time with me and wank your cock off multiple times. Well now that isn’t an option, because when you have this chastity device on, getting hard and tugging is impossible.
We both know how much you love the idea of your little cock being put under restraints by me. See, you can go through your boring job and have that clamp attached, knowing when you get home, and if I so desire, it will be freed, and it will be treated to what it wants. Come closer honey, I really need to see you locked up in this clamp…
- Enchantress Sahrye


Cydel in a video from Locked Up In Chastity

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Stunning Cydel has a great plan for her horny slave. She will put his boner in a chastity since she does not want him having random erections every time he sees a hot girl.
Today is a special day because you and I are going to have a lot of fun. Well, maybe not you, but I surely will since I think it is time to put you in a cage 'cause that is where you belong. You are like a like a wild animal and enough is enough.
So you are going to drop your pants and I am going to put this device around your flaccid excuse for a dick. You will not be allowed to get hard and once I put this lock on you will need to beg for my mercy. I think this is a good look for you. Maybe I should keep you in a cage more often. This cock is mine and it will get stiff when I want it to. I cannot believe you let me put you in a cage. You are going to sit in there for all eternity and will never be able to get hard again.
- Cydel


Carmen Valentina Locked In Chastity

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Carmen Valentina is a beautiful brown skinned latina vixen with a hot body that’s beyond belief. One look at this gorgeous Latina mistress Carmen Valentina and you will fall under her spell and obey her every command.
You know that little thing between your legs that you call your cock? Well that belongs to me now and is the exclusive property of Carmen Valentina. From now on you are going to wear this chastity device and I am the only one who is allowed to have a key. Your dick is my property and I decide when and how you use it.
This way I can trust you completely. Even if you wanted to cheat on me you would be completely powerless to do anything about it without the help of some power tools and that just sounds a little dangerous, don’t you think? You had better just get used to the idea that you now longer own you cock, it belongs to me now.
- Carmen Valentina


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